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New Technology

We aim to bring new technologies to the cloud, instead of the same old thing you can acquire from any other provider, with a focus on single board computers with interesting features or capabilties.

Easy Access

We strive to make new technologes acessible, both in terms of availability and cost. We want to make it easier for you to be able to use these devices without the need for additional equipment.

Hosted Infrastructure

We provide complete hosted solutions, with the goal of making the services we provide being as simple as possible to use while still providing flexability for a variety of use cases.

Let’s get the not-so fine print out of the way.

We at Single Board Computing Inc feel being honest and transparent is important. So, here are the policies and terms for the products and services we sell. Want to know when we update these? No problem, it’s all tracked in git so you can get notifications of what changed and when. We even accept PRs (within reason). We also provide a list of third parties we share user data with and why, because we feel that’s important too.

Privacy Policy

What data we collect, who we share it with, and what we are not doing with user data for all products and services provided by Single Board Computing Inc

Payment Policies

Payment, refund, and return policies for all Single Board Computing Inc services and products

Terms of Use

The general terms and conditions for use of all services provided by Single Board Compting Inc as well as all products sold by Single Board Computing Inc

Third Parties List

A list of the third-parties we share customer data with, what services they provide, and what data we share

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3571 Far West Blvd #91, Austin TX 78731 USA
Phone: +1 855-219-1478