Introducing Single Board Computing Inc


Several years ago, David and I started two companies miniNodes and Sphere Cube. We both had the same idea: make low powered arm based servers available to more users. At the time, we had no idea we were working towards the same goal. But through the power of community, specifically Works on Arm and 96Boards, we found each other. We had some long chats about what we were trying to do, and quickly came to the agreement that working together was going to be the best path forward. So we started working towards that.

The amount of work those few sentences covered is frankly staggering. It’s taken nearly a year to get where we are now and we have made great progress but we still have a long way to go. In all honestly, COVID-19 has been a hindrance. I know everyone is making that excuse, but really it has made so many things take so much longer than we ever could have anticipated. But things are happening, and this new website is a major milestone in that transition.

So, what happens now and what comes next? Excellent questions. Let’s jump in.

For the existing customers of Sphere Cube and miniNodes, not much is happening right now.

The biggest immediate change will be in your credit card statements. We’re in the process of migrating from our old independent merchant accounts to new Single Board Computing Inc account - so instead of getting billed by miniNodes or Sphere Cube you will see Single Board Computing Inc on your credit card statements soon. This will also involve moving to a common billing platform and portal. As we perform this migration, each customer will get an email with migration steps (which is just setting up your new login, your billing details will come over automatically).

We also need to talk about branding. As part of this merger, Single Board Computing Inc is the name of the new company which absorbed the previous entities. Single Board Computing Inc is a bit of a mouthful, so we frequently abbreviate that to SBCI. While not much better from the spoken part, much easier to type. But that leads to branding. We’re keeping the miniNodes name as a brand for our existing arm boards based hosting product. So we’ll be keeping that name, domain, and service around moving forward.

Next we have upgrade for miniNodes. So. Many. Upgrades. First, we’re moving to a new hosting facility. Where miniNodes lives now has reached capacity and we’re going to relinquish that facility and move into a new one which gives us growth opportunities. We’re also working next generation hosting platform: better storage, better hardware, better networking, full disk encryption, and choice of operating systems. We’re working out the final parts of the new hardware design, getting parts ordered, and software built and tested. We hope to have more details to share by the end of the year.

After we get the next generation platform up, we have a lot more planned. We have more architectures we want to make available. More services as well. We’re excited for what’s coming up. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out using the form on our homepage. We look forward to sharing more with you in the near future.

Photo credit: Chris Ried on Unsplash